Opinion: How should Romanians react to media stigmatization

The Romanians are again in the attention of the Norwegian media for organized crime and illegal activities in Bergen, Norway. The NRK media team has worked for almost 2 years to document a network of about 100 individuals that are involved in prostitution, human trafficking, drug sales and begging.

But nothing special from my side, aside of the crime itself. This kind of things happen all over the world. Every country fights with this type of criminality.

But what bothers me most is that the Norwegian media and society emphasize so much their nationality that people started to look suspicions to every Romanian that work and live legally in Norway.

No, I am not ashamed of my country or nationality and that’s because a great majority of the Romanians that live in Norway have proved their seriousness and expertise in their field of work. There are engineers, doctors, teachers, managers, construction workers, IT specialists, plumbers and carpenters, and many others that have proved we are not defined by a criminal network that should have been in prison and not free on the streets.

So our reaction to the Norwegian media and society should not be to explain that those people were in fact part of an ethnic group that does the same things in Romania but to ask the Norwegian media and authorities questions like this:

1. Why they did not arrest those men who were selling drugs and girls on the streets?

2. Why the Norwegian Government does not criminalize the selling of sex and not only the buying of sex?

3. Did they arrested all those men who were filmed buying sex, even if they knew it was illegal?

4. Did they arrested those women who were filmed stealling credit cards and money from people?

So, I think that before the Norwegian society would try to say something against Romania and Romanians they should first question the legal actions that were taken (or not taken) against such individuals and why they could operate on such a scale and walked free even when they were under the Police and the media surveillance.

I strongly believe that the Norwegian police should develop their abilities to fight against this type of criminality because we all know that the organized crime is always at work and not only the Romanians are part of it.

Emanuel Zarnescu (on facebook page)

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