Romanian engineers bound for Norway

Romanian technicians and engineers are on their way to work in Norway’s booming gas and oil industry thanks to a recruitment session for which EURES pre-selected many of the job candidates.

Three Norwegian engineering companies – Dfind Engineering AS, Slitasjeteknikk AS and Aker Advantage AS – attended the special two-day event, which was held on 26-27 September in Ploiesti, Romania. The session was organised by EURES in cooperation with Prahova County Employment Agency.

EURES Advisers from Romania and Norway were also on hand to ensure the companies and candidates received the right support, including help with languages.

An encouraging response

Some 76 qualified candidates attended the event, some of whom were invited to meet more than one employer for interview. Much of the hard work went into the pre-selection of candidates by EURES Adviser Elena Tane, who is based in Romania.

Elena received the job vacancies from the Norwegian employers. She then translated and posted the offers on the EURES Job Mobility Portal and the applications soon started rolling in.

“From around 500 CVs, I selected 120 depending on qualifications and experience, then I sent them to two of the employers,” explains Elena. “They selected 51 candidates to interview at our recruitment event.”

The other company asked candidates to send their applications directly to its website. Three candidates have already secured jobs, and offers of work from the other companies are “in the pipeline”.

Feedback from the companies has been very positive. Andreas Feren from Dfind Engineering says: “We were very impressed with the technical skills of the candidates we talked to, and we have now started the work of reviewing and seeing who we can find work for.”

The company has subsequently asked EURES to post more job vacancy advertisements on the portal and it is hoped that the collaboration will continue in the coming year.

Based on informations provided by Eures portal

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