Five children taken away from a Romanian – Norwegian family by Child Protection Services

Last week five children were taken by CPS, the youngest it’s only 3 months old, from a Romanian & Norwegian family living in Norway. The father s brother have written a letter telling the events and asking for moral support for the family. You can read further parts of this letter:

„I am writing in support of my brother, B. M., a Romanian citizen, his wife R. J. B., a Norwegian citizen, and their 5 children (E, N, M, J, and baby E. who is only three months old) with joint citizenship in Romania and Norway.

The parents, former members of Philadelphia Pentecostal Church in Bucharest, married in Romania, moved to / settled in Norway approximately 10 years ago to start and raise a family in R’s hometown.

  • Monday, Nov. 16th, E. and N. were taken by the Barnevernet and taken to a hidden location. The Barnevernet then came to the Family home, took M. and J., and arrested mother R (both R and baby E. were taken to the Police station). M. was arrested at work and also brought to the police station. After many hours of interrogation, the parents were allowed to return home with the baby. (Note: Neither M or R have seen or made contact with any of the four older children.)
  • Tuesday, Nov 17th, Barnevernet, accompanied by four policemen, came to the family home and took  the 3 month old baby E., because they considered that the mother was “dangerous.” At the same time, R was told that their four children were placed in two separate foster homes, have already integrated, and that the children don’t miss them.
  • Wednesday, Nov 18th, the parents met with a lawyer who informed them of their legal rights. The lawyer highlighted that the Barnevernet should have been presented parents with written legal accusations at the time of the arrest and that it was the baby’s right to remain with the mother while being breastfed. On Wednesday, M and R were informed that their 3 month old baby was taken to Bergen, a city 4 hours away from their town.
  • Thursday, Nov 19th, after legal consultations and interrogations, M and R were given permission to drive to Bergen and see baby E. Ruth, alone, was given two hours to see and be with the baby.
  • Friday, Nov 20th, R was able to visit with the baby again. (I am told she can see him again today, Nov 21st, and tomorrow, Nov 22nd)

After meeting with their lawyer, M was able to look at the docket clarifying the legal accusations filed against them. Among other things, there was the accusation that the parents and grandparents are radical Christians and are indoctrinating the children. (…)

  • Monday, Nov. 23rd, is a very important day for the Family. The older children will be interviewed by “specialists” and the Barnevernet will determine if the case will proceed to Court. It is expected that if enough evidence against M and R is not gathered before Monday, the children might be allowed to go home with their parents and as a family. We are praying and hoping for this outcome, as our efforts support the reuniting of the children with their parents.

What I have written here is a short summary of the Family’s long “Calvary,” there are no words to describe their suffering. We consider that the most impacting assistance you can provide is by continuing to fast and pray for the Family. Secondly, we appreciate your support in signing the petition initiated by Pastor Cristian Ionescu from Chicago; an effort that has already attained in excess of 13,000 signatures, Praise God!

We created Facebook page for the Family and the situation that serves as the one place that will update supporters about the events. We created this page for those who use social media with the sole purpose of drawing prayer support for M, R, and their children as they go through this trial. Conversations or accusations against Norwegian authorities on this page, or other venues regarding this situation, do not benefit the Family or situation. I understand that the lack of details can be frustrating but our proceeding in alignment with the requests of the Family’s legal counsel is in the best interest of the Family.” (read the full letter here)

Written by Daniel Bodnariu

translated in english by Andreea Bodnariu Stoia

Foto: Destinasjon Romania

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3 Responses to Five children taken away from a Romanian – Norwegian family by Child Protection Services

  1. Adriana N. spune:

    Ce s-a mai intamplat intre timp? Si-au recuperat parintii copiii de la Barnevernet? Foarte multa valva asupra acestui caz pana pe 23.11 si apoi liniste… Ce s-a intamplat cu aceasta familie dupa 23.11? De ce nu exista nici un articol in ziarele locale din Norvegia despre acest caz in care parintii sa-si expuna problema? Mi se pare normal in cazul in care esti nedreptatit sa-ti cauti prin orice mod dreptatea. Dar informatiile nu vin de la cei direct implicati si e un pic ciudat… Asteptam cu interes update-uri referitor la acest caz.

    • d.curescu spune:

      They didn’t get their children back . Just visitation once a week for the younger 3 boys. There are tons of updates on Facebook. Search Cristian Ionescu’s page. He is a pastor in Chicago. One of the siblings of the parents are members in his church. Sorry, I hope you can read English. I can read a little Romanian but can’t write at all. I am very interested in this case even though I don’t know these people. My heart is very saddened for them being a mother of 4 myself.

  2. dan spune:

    N-ai mai räsfoit internetul din 23 Nov. 2015

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