Project partnership building in Oslo – press release from ”Concordia Oslo” Association

Concordia Oslo Association (Oslo, Norway), in partnership with Aide-M Humanitarian Foundation (Baia Mare, Romania) was implementing during 16 – 19 May 2015, in Oslo, the cultural cooperation project named ”Project partnership building in Oslo”. The project had as main objective the development of Romanian-Norwegian partnership in order to develop projects supporting cultural diversity.

This project consisted of an exchange visit between the two partner organizations, which included two representatives from Aide-M Foundation and also representatives from Concordia Oslo Association.

During this exchange, Concordia Oslo Association hosted two representatives of Aide-M Foundation in Oslo for 4 days, in which we accomplished to create a sustainable romanian-norwegian partnership in terms of developing cultural projects.

Aide-M Foundation presented its aims, values, objectives in terms of cultural cooperation for the representatives of Concordia Oslo Association, rising up their interest in further collaborations through projects. Beside of this bilateral partnership, Concordia Oslo Association supported his partner in finding other cultural entities in Oslo with whom to develop cultural projects in the future financing programmes.

During these days of visit, Aide-M Foundation had the opportunity to attend the Parade at the Royal Palace in which they observed the way in which norwegians are celebrating the national day, the traditional songs they are singing in this day, the national traditional customs of the National day, the people traditional costumes.

17 maiAfter participating in this parade, we had discussions about this event with the representatives of Aide-M Foundation in which we made comparisons of cultural traditons, costumes, parades, music between romanians and norwegians, observing the similarities and differences between the two cultures and debating possible projects which to contribute at the bilateral acceptance and knowledge of the communities related to cultural topics.

After these discussions, the romanian partner proposed four cultural project sheets which to be applied in partnership with Concordia Oslo Association in the next deadlines. Also, we supported Aide-M Foundation to make other contacts with other cultural entities from Olso, Norway (Oslo museum, The Art School from Oslo, Folk Org NGO, the students league from Oslo) with whom to create future partneships in the cultural cooperation field.

Starting from this project main results – 3 project partnerships, project agreements and project ideas, we are sure that, through this exchange, we made a big start in improving cultural cooperation between the two participating countries and in initiating future projects on cultural issues, supporting cultural diversity, intercultural learning and acceptance, including as target groups in future projects, especially young people.

A short impression express about Romania after this visit

membri asociatiiAfter the visit of romanian partner in Oslo, we have learned that Romania is much more than beautiful mountains, old towns and churches. It is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe but also a country with more contrasts and differences – between regions, between cities and countryside and between social groups – than most other countries.

During this exchange, the romanian representatives presented their way of life, culture, customs, music, dance, costumes, we created a great impression about Romania, about romanian people, and romanian culture. These things made norwegians curious to know more about the romanian people, culture, about differences and similarities.

We observed the willingness of our romanian partner to become involved in cooperation projects. This made us consider these people as serious and hardworking persons, who need to widen their vision, their culture, their knowledge. We will offer them these opportunities by starting applying and implementing projects together in which we get to know more about each other culture.

Constantin Zavate – President of Concordia Oslo Association

20/05/2015, Oslo, Norway”

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