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Press release: The Association of Romanians in Norway participates at the protest regarding Barnevernet

Press release: ”The Association of Romanians in Norway (Rumensk Forening i Norge) wishes to informs the members and symphatizers that its steering committee decided to participate at the protest regarding Barnevernet which will be organized in front of the Norwegian Parliament

Five children taken away from a Romanian – Norwegian family by Child Protection Services

Last week five children were taken by CPS, the youngest it’s only 3 months old, from a Romanian & Norwegian family living in Norway. The father s brother have written a letter telling the events and asking for moral support for

The Romanian Embassy in Norway reacts to an article published in Aftenposten, referring to the Romanian citizens

The Romanian Ambassador in Oslo, Daniel Ionita, sent a letter to the editor in chief of the newspaper Aftenposten, to express disapproval for publishing defamatory statements about Romanian citizens in Norway, even by quoting a suspected human trafficker. Such a

The Romanian summer school for Nordic and Baltic studies

The Romanian summer school for Nordic and Baltic studies entitled “A piece of culture, a culture of peace” is an educational programme organized by Valahia University of Targoviste in partnership with the University of Agder, the University of Oslo, Norwegian

Romania at the European Championships in Womens Rugby, Bergen 7th, 8th June

FIRA (Association of European Rugby) have chosen the city of Bergen to host the Women’s European Rugby Sevens Tournament on June 7th & 8th. 12 nations will participate with Romania being one of these. The winner and runners-up will continue

Fracking Romania

Pungesti, Romania, a village under SIEGE after a violent intervention of Riot Police Forces, requested by CHEVRON Call for International support – December, 2nd, 2013 / Addressed to The European Parliament, The European Commission, to The Subcommittee on Human Rights

LSD may not be bad for you, says Norwegian study

The late acid guru Dr Timothy Leary would doubtless have claimed to have known it all along, but after conducting an exhaustive study on tens of thousands of Americans, a team of Norwegian scientists has concluded that LSD may actually

Romanian engineers bound for Norway

Romanian technicians and engineers are on their way to work in Norway’s booming gas and oil industry thanks to a recruitment session for which EURES pre-selected many of the job candidates. Three Norwegian engineering companies – Dfind Engineering AS, Slitasjeteknikk

Gypsy Child Thieves

Across Europe children are being forced onto the streets to beg and steal. They come from one of the poorest communities in Europe – the Romanian Gypsies. For centuries Gypsies have lived on the margins of society and faced brutal

The 2013 General Elections in Norway

In 2013, there will be elections to the Storting and the Sami Assembly. Election Day is Monday 9 September 2013. In order to be eligible to vote in Parliamentary elections, you must be a Norwegian national and registered as an elector in a

Diplomat caught in Roma debate

“I’m cautious,” says Romania’s ambassador to Norway, Daniel Ionita, before agreeing to share his thoughts on the presence of thousands of beggars in Norwegian cities and towns. Many are from his country, and they’ve created one of the most troublesome

Britain’s Child Beggars

Meet ‘Alice’. She is a four-year-old child out on the streets of London begging hours on end, day in, day out. ‘Alice’ is just one of Britain’s Gypsy child beggars, and she can earn hundreds of pounds a day. A

Embassy reaches out to its own

The Romanian Embassy in Oslo has arguably had more than its share of dealing with a less-than flattering image of its citizens in Norway. Ambassador Daniel Ionita decided it was time to instead turn the spotlight on some highly educated

Romania’s Roma Programmes

The National Agency for Roma, NRA, is a national government body which represents the Roma minority on a national level. Its mission is to promote and participate in projects and programmes in order to improve Roma living conditions – a

Roma Funds Squandered in Romania by the Roma Community representatives

As Brussels pressures Bucharest to improve living conditions for its Roma population, thousands of euros paid by the EU and Romanian government to do just that appears to have been wasted on inflated salaries and exorbitant rents and expenses, BIRN

Norway dims Romania’s Schengen hopes ?

Norway has opposed the enlargement of the free Schengen zone and the accession of  Romania and Bulgaria. The news was reported Friday by the Russian Radiovesti, cited by the Bulgarian news agency ”Focus” and appeard in the most newspaper in Romania. Oslo has said that there was a

Young Romanians get nine medals at European Youth Olympic Summer Festival in Utrecht

Romania’s team won nine medals so far at the European Youth Olympic Summer Festival in Utrecht. Maria Ifteni got the gold for her 3,000 meters race, while Carla Sescu was awarded the silver medal in the discus throwing competition.  Three

Woman (24) reported rape in Dubai: Sentenced to 16 months in prison

Four months after supposedly being raped, Marthe Deborah Dalelv (24) is stuck in Dubai. She is now warning other women on holiday in the Middle East. – Dubai is presented as a paradise, like everything is nice. But it’s not

Romania’s five-student team brings home five medals from International Physics Olympiad

Romania’s brains again came out among the first in the world in the recent International Physics Olympiad. After scoring top results at the recent International Olympiad in Informatics, Romania’s team brought back home two gold and three silver medals from

Norwegians more positive towards immigrants

Over the last ten years, Norwegians have become far more positive towards immigrants, according to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB). The same tendency is shown by a fresh survey carried out by Response for the Bergen municipality. According to SSB,

The most beautiful waterfall in the world lies in Romania

The most beautiful waterfall in the world lies in Romania, according to website. A waterfall is a place where water flows over a vertical drop in the course of a stream or river. Waterfalls also occur where meltwater drops over