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Opinion: How should Romanians react to media stigmatization

The Romanians are again in the attention of the Norwegian media for organized crime and illegal activities in Bergen, Norway. The NRK media team has worked for almost 2 years to document a network of about 100 individuals that are

”The Romanians and Barnevernet” – an interview for a Norwegian newspaper

Some time ago I have been contacted by a Norwegian newspaper for an interview. As in the newspaper published just a summary of my answers, I decided to publish the entire interview below. (Daniel Apetrei) – How would you describe the reactions

I am a Romanian who lives in Norway…

It is difficult for me to find words to describe the internal turmoil my wife and I have been through since November 2015. Yes, I am a Romanian who lives in Norway; moreover I am a Christian Romanian, married, with

Press release: The Association of Romanians in Norway participates at the protest regarding Barnevernet

Press release: ”The Association of Romanians in Norway (Rumensk Forening i Norge) wishes to informs the members and symphatizers that its steering committee decided to participate at the protest regarding Barnevernet which will be organized in front of the Norwegian Parliament

A letter to the Norwegian people

We are writing you, in order to clarify certain aspects in relation to the international protests against the abusive practices of Barnevernet, as they have affected the B. family whose five children were abruptly separated from the parents and the

What happens with the press in Norway?

”I came to Norway five years ago and moved in Bergen with my family. We have started a new chapter in our life as a family in a country that is far different from the country I come from. Yes, I

Five children taken away from a Romanian – Norwegian family by Child Protection Services

Last week five children were taken by CPS, the youngest it’s only 3 months old, from a Romanian & Norwegian family living in Norway. The father s brother have written a letter telling the events and asking for moral support for

Norwave heading to Transilvania

Norway takes the spotlight this year at the 14th edition of Transilvania International Film Festival between May 29th – 7th June, with a retrospective of Bent Hamer, in addition to screening twelve recent and classic Norwegian productions. One of the

Project partnership building in Oslo – press release from ”Concordia Oslo” Association

”Concordia Oslo Association (Oslo, Norway), in partnership with Aide-M Humanitarian Foundation (Baia Mare, Romania) was implementing during 16 – 19 May 2015, in Oslo, the cultural cooperation project named ”Project partnership building in Oslo”. The project had as main objective the

Constanta, Romania, May 22-23: The sixth annual international conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies

On the 22th- 23th of May, in Romania, Constanta city, will take place the sixth international conference entitled “Historical memory, the politics of memory and cultural identity: Romania, Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea Region in comparison”. The event is organized by

What do Romanians celebrate on their December 1st National Day?

The short answer is ”unification and freedom”, and the theme is probably a common one among many other countries in the world. For Romanians, December 1st is the Great Union Day. On this day in 1918, during the reign of

The Romanian Embassy in Norway reacts to an article published in Aftenposten, referring to the Romanian citizens

The Romanian Ambassador in Oslo, Daniel Ionita, sent a letter to the editor in chief of the newspaper Aftenposten, to express disapproval for publishing defamatory statements about Romanian citizens in Norway, even by quoting a suspected human trafficker. Such a

The Romanian summer school for Nordic and Baltic studies

The Romanian summer school for Nordic and Baltic studies entitled “A piece of culture, a culture of peace” is an educational programme organized by Valahia University of Targoviste in partnership with the University of Agder, the University of Oslo, Norwegian

Romania at the European Championships in Womens Rugby, Bergen 7th, 8th June

FIRA (Association of European Rugby) have chosen the city of Bergen to host the Women’s European Rugby Sevens Tournament on June 7th & 8th. 12 nations will participate with Romania being one of these. The winner and runners-up will continue

Norway for dummies: the beginners guide to first world problems

Warning: This is not an exercise in academic complexities disguised as an article. This is not a hedonistic self-indulgence. This is not an arena for incomprehensible expressions and such other delicacies. This is me talking to you, simple and honest.

Dude, where’s my North Sea oil money?

Last Wednesday, every single Norwegian became a millionaire – without having to lift a lillefinger. They owe the windfall to their coastline, and a huge dollop of good sense. Since 1990, Norway has been squirreling away its cash from North Sea oil and gas

Huffington Post’s Editor Says “Thank You, Romania!”

A London-based journalist once told me how the British tabloids operate: “every morning we would hold an editorial meeting and the top priority was to find a lead story that would scare people.” This helped me understand how the Sun,

George Soros speaks about “Empowering European Roma”

European Roma – Across Europe, millions are suffering from unemployment and the prospect of a long period of economic stagnation. But no group has been harder hit than the Roma. There are more than ten million European Roma, mostly concentrated in

Romanian focus on the Nordic Region and Nordic literature

Huge interest in Nordic children’s and young people’s literature at the international book fair in Bucharest. From 20 – 24 November the large Nordic stand was visited by the public, authors and the publishing industry. For four days, Nordic literature

Norway: Is world’s largest sovereign wealth fund too big?

Most of Europe is struggling with how to reduce spending, but not Norway. It has invested the income from its oil and gas reserves so wisely that it now has what many consider to be the world’s largest sovereign wealth

How to Start a Business in Romania

Romania became a member of NATO in 2004 and a member of the EU in 2007. The implementation of key structural reforms has improved the predictability and stability that foreign investors and companies seek. A functioning market economy status has

The last “acceptable racism” in Sweden is the anti-Roma prejudice

News of a secret police register in Sweden containing the names of 4,000 people, most of them Roma, has tarnished the Swedish reputation for tolerance and resulted in anti-Roma prejudice being described as the last “acceptable racism” in the country.

Fracking Romania

Pungesti, Romania, a village under SIEGE after a violent intervention of Riot Police Forces, requested by CHEVRON Call for International support – December, 2nd, 2013 / Addressed to The European Parliament, The European Commission, to The Subcommittee on Human Rights

The best of Romanian resturants: ACASA

Romanian food never gets awards in the glossy international press focused on gastronomy. At times even tourist pamphlets make statements about Romanian restaurants and Romanian menus; these statements look like excuses in advance and they do not promote Romanian food and

The Nordic countries are Guests of Honor at GAUDEAMUS International Book Fair Bucharest 2013

 Nine Nordic authors will come to Bucharest in the frame of GAUDEAMUS International Book Fair 2013, an event organized by Radio Romania. The authors have been invited by the embassies of the countries that are guests of honor: Denmark, Finland,

Celebration of Edvard Munch in Iasi, Romania

In 2014 it is 150 years since the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was born. In Iasi, Romania, this will be celebrated on the 20th and 21th of November with lectures by Robert Ferguson and Jan Erik Holst and screening of

The art of getting an ID

Tens of thousands of Romanians do not have an id. And this in spite of the fact that it is illegal in Romania to be without an ID – or BULETIN – as the name is in Romanian. And we

LSD may not be bad for you, says Norwegian study

The late acid guru Dr Timothy Leary would doubtless have claimed to have known it all along, but after conducting an exhaustive study on tens of thousands of Americans, a team of Norwegian scientists has concluded that LSD may actually

Romanian engineers bound for Norway

Romanian technicians and engineers are on their way to work in Norway’s booming gas and oil industry thanks to a recruitment session for which EURES pre-selected many of the job candidates. Three Norwegian engineering companies – Dfind Engineering AS, Slitasjeteknikk

New York Times: “Are the Roma Primitive, or Just Poor?”

The cluster of Roma, handcuffed and caged-in behind glass walls, listened in silence as prosecutors accused them in court of selling child brides for up to about $270,000 in cash, valuing them based on their ability to steal. In a